Pathways Counselling

What to Expect

I have been told over the years that the idea of therapy can conjure up all kinds of images, from lying on a sofa with a therapist behind you. To being sat in a therapist's office being stared at intensely and told what you need to do differently to achieve happiness...

But that is far from the truth, counselling can offer us the most amazing opportunity to spend 50mins once a week sitting with a qualified professional whose sole aim is to listen, understand, empathies and show you respect and consideration.

Working together it will allow you to gain insight into the issues and concerns that might be affecting your life. You will learn to value yourself and recognise your strengths, which can lead to a happier and more contented life.

The work we do together will give you the skills and knowledge to take positive steps in learning how to deal with the challenges that life can present us, more effectively.

Fees: My fees are £50 for a 50 min session however I try to accommodate individual's personal circumstances, so please don't let this be a reason to not reach out..... Fees are generally £50 for ongoing personal therapy but I try to accommodate each client’s personal