Pathways Counselling

As humans we all experience difficult times during our lives.

I am aware how hard it can be to reach out for help and allow others to see how vulnerable we are feeling.

Counselling can offer us the space to explore our feelings within a safe and judgement free environment.

"The first step of reaching out can feel overwhelming and impossible! Like a bungee jump, once you have done it. You might wish you had done it years ago"

I am a pluralistic psychotherapist and a passionate believer that we all have the ability to achieve a level of peace and stability, given the right support and environment. My training and experience working with psychodynamic, humanistic and behavioural theories allow me to create a space where the work we do together is tailors around your needs as an individual.

I work collaboratively with my client's and this teamwork enables us to draw on my theoretical experience and your unique knowledge of how it feels to be you......

At the heart of what I do, is a belief that you are able to work through your current difficulties with the right tools and understanding.

Please feel free to call for an initial chat .........